Travel Wishlist 2018

 New Year, new travels, new stories!

The past 2017 has been a year full of plane tickets and great destinations. I had the chance to visit cities in my own country (Italy) that I never visited before, but also to discover new destinations around Europe and South America that have surprised and inspired me to start with my new born travel blog.

You can read about my 2017’s travels here!

I am very excited about this new year and about the good things I’m sure will come in the next months. I want to work a lot to save some money for a big trip to Africa next year. Laura has been wishing to travel to Namibia since many years and I want her dream to come true soon. We kept telling each other that we really wish we could go there, but we haven’t really done something concrete to make it happens. But it’s not too late! (It’s never too late!!). So we have decided to keep a little bit of money every month during all this year and see how much we will be able to collect for our trip to Africa!
A trip to Namibia (and South Africa) is something we need to organize pretty well: we don’t want to miss a single thing when we will be there! Moreover, we need to have a good budget to enjoy the best of these countries. Because of the Namibia 2019 project, I am going to keep a low profile this year and try to stay in Europe and visit those cities and countries that I haven’t seen yet.

Easyjet have opened some new routes from Berlin Tegel Airport from January this year (great way to start!) and one of the most attracting destinations is Madrid. I booked a solo trip to the Spain’s capital city for the end of February, right after my birthday. I am more than excited about this 4 days gateway: I will be traveling solo and I will stay in a hostel. It has been a while since I haven’t traveled solo and slept in a hostel. I usually travel with Laura and we rather book an Airbnb room or a place in an Agriturismo, Bed and Breakfast or hotel. We love to have a space just for us and spend some time together in a comfortable accomodation. But I am also happy to live a different travel experience and see if I can meet and connect with other solo traveling women.

I hope Madrid will be sunny and vibrant as many travelers already told me. Living in Berlin means that you could end up not seeing the sun for almost 8 months, so I usually prefer to travel to the South in winter. Let’s see if I can enjoy some tasty Tapas, Sangria and some Spanish sun!

After our experience in Bordeaux, we have promised to go back to France soon. We will be looking forward to chase after some sun in the early springtime, so what’s better than the Provence region? I can’t wait to hike the beautiful Calanques and to get lost in the Lavander fields between Marseille and Nice, where we plan to end our trip and travel back to Berlin.

In Germany we have 4 fully days off for Easter. We decided to have a short gateway in Italy and retire for few days in the hills near Bologna. The Central regions of Italy (Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Lazio and Umbria) are simply breathtaking. We fell in love with San Gimignano while staying at the Agriturismo Mormoraia, so this year we want to explore the area around Bologna. I am happy to travel there and visit my lovely friend and amazing photographer Irene!

The Algarve have been nominated as the best destination of 2017. The reason is very simple: they are stunning. You only need to scroll some pictures on Google and other blogs to realize how wild and beauty they are. Moreover, the Algarve are a fantastic backpacking travel destination. I was thinking about to camping and experience a completely new way of travel. I need to say that I am not very comfortable with the idea of camping while traveling BUT… I am curious and I need to go back to a more natural ( and cheaper! ) way of travel. I will talk to Laura and we will decided soon!

The Arab culture, the desert, the African influences. I wish I could travel to Marrakech this year and explore a new country with all its great places and traditions. I have seen and heard many positive things and experiences about Marrakech and I got incredibly curious about this destination. The only issue is about the flight costs. Flying to Marrakech from Berlin is pretty expansive (+250€) because no low cost airlines connect the two cities. I have to fly Lufthansa or Iberia but the routes have long layover and bad prices. I hope to find some good deals maybe for September or October!

I have never traveled to Greece yet. Yet! I feel so sad when I think that I still haven’t visited the beauty and the richness of this country. I studied ancient greek (language, culture and literature) for five years, but still never been there. What a shame! I would love to stay in an island and enjoy the blue and the white houses, the jetties and the sunsets on the beach. If I happen to have some time this summer, maybe August or the first week of September I would love to travel there – even for few days!

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These cities are actually very closed to Berlin and always good connected by low cost flights with Easyjet and Ryanair. Therefore, they belong to my weekend gateways project. I am working part time this year and I usually have the Mondays and Tuesdays off. I want to take the time to travel there for three, four days, maybe solo again (poor Laura!).

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This year I want to travel over Christmas and New Year’s eve. I would be so grateful and happy to be somewhere warm during that time of the year. I really wish we will be able to retire for days ten days and enjoy the last part of the year and start the 2019 in a fabulous little flat on the sea.

4 thoughts on “Travel Wishlist 2018

  1. We saw a lot of the cities you want to see and we LOVED them. Especially Budapest, Amsterdam (only in the right seasons!), Bologna, Madrid, Marrakech and Bruges…oh Bruges, our fave european city!
    Hope your 2018 could be full of incredible trips :*


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