Meeting Trieste

At the voice “city of birth” on my passport you can find the name of Trieste. Some might have never heard about it. Many do not really know where in Italy Trieste is located or in which area it can be found. To reach Trieste you need to land to Venice (Venezia Marco Polo Airport) and drive for other 30 km before to touch its heart and it makes even tougher to access this beautiful place. But time by time Trieste is increasing its visibility, earning more visitors and becoming a highly recommended destination.

Trieste is a hidden diamond, still safe from a massive tourism and not (yet) in the list of the best travel destinations. But if you’re looking for a place to visit in Italy that is still free from the crowd, where you can enjoy food, cultural diversity and a stunning seaside, well… you need to visit Trieste!


At the very bottom of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in the North East of Italy, close to three countries (Slovenia, Croatia and Austria), its geographical position makes Trieste a cultural melting pot. Because of the Slovenian, Croatian and Austrian influences (not only in the cultural expression, but also in the history and politic), Trieste has an unique imprint, something that you can spot all around in the architecture, in the gastronomy and also in the language.

Trieste might remind other cities like Wien or Budapest, and it’s not only an impression: it used to belong to the Austro-Hungaric Empire until the end of the First World War as the most important seaport of the Empire. The human and products traffic was pretty intense and this caused a lot of cultural mix that is still alive.

In Italy, the city is especially known for its square that overlooks the sea, Piazza della Repubblica, and for a long jetty (Molo Audace) in the middle of the Golf.


The Miramare Castle is also a must-go place around Trieste. From here you have a breathtaking view of the Golf. In the sunny day you can sit on the stairs and enjoy the blue of the sea or take a walk in the Castle’s park.

In the city centre, don’t miss a tour to Piazza della Borsa, where you can also take a walk along Via del Corso and do some shopping. If you get lost in some small streets close around, you can take a break in one of the many bars that offer a high quality coffee or some sandwiches or fast snack. In the sunny day you can sit outside, far from the traffic, and relax for some hours in the middle of a pictoresque pedestrian area.

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Piazza Cavana and Via Torino is where the nighlife gets real. Here you can have a fabulous aperitivo with local wine and dishes. Young and old people meet and enjoy a glass of wine or a Spritz before going home for dinner or, in the weekend, before partying somewhere else (like in Viale XX Settembre).
Ponte Rosso and the Sant’Antonio church offers a magic corner on the water, close to the canal connected to the sea, with couple of bridges that easily remind Venice.

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There is much more to see and visit in Trieste. I’ve been there for a couple of days for Christmas but I will be back soon to introduce you the city a little bit better and from the inside. The springtime is the best season to travel there, when the good weather is almost 100% guaranteed but it’s not too hot. Winter and fall can be too grey and the typical strong wind “Bora” could make the trip a little bit annoying!

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Do you need further details about Trieste? Send me an e-mail here: and I’ll be happy to help you !


24 thoughts on “Meeting Trieste

  1. We loved Trieste so much.
    We were going to Lubljiana and this city was the first stop.
    We hadn’t the intention to visit it but we had 6 hours to wait.
    As always happens, you find the beauty when you’re not looking for it.

    Thank you for this memories 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Che bella presentazione che hai fatto su Trieste. Ora ho ancora più voglia di vederla!
    Ci andrò per la prima volta ad Aprile e mi sono già salvata alcuni dei posti di cui hai parlato su google map 😉
    Preparati che, all’avvicinarsi della mia partenza, verrò a romperti le scatole chiedendoti qualche altro consiglio!
    Complimenti anche per le belle foto!!


  3. Trieste deve essere davvero una bellissima città! Spero di poterla visitare prima o poi.. E grazie per questa lettura in inglese, così lo tengo in allenamento.


  4. Ci sono passata velocemente (troppo velocemente) e assolutamente mi affascinò molto! ma devo tornarci troppo bella per essere gettata via. La tua descrizione rende piu reale la sua magia!


  5. I know the city just because of the airport but now for sure I want to visit it. Italy is mesmerizing in general, everywhere you turn your head you find a beautiful place, a piece of history in harmony with the modern. I think is one of the countries where it is very difficult to make yourself an itinerary because it will always feel like you miss to see another great cities or places from this country.

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