Outside Living

Outside Living is meant to be a Travel Blog. But the very first thought that came in my mind when I’ve decided to open it was to create a new challenge for 2018. There are two goals I am trying to achieve next year: write more and travel more. With a Travel Blog I can combine both things and take the chance to collect all my memories and experiences of my trips.

I am aware that there are thousand people who are already (successfully) engaged in blogging, especially about travels. So am I. Without claiming to be an unique blogger, without really aiming to make this space a popular or highly beloved one. I just need to have a corner for me that can make me share and publish my feelings ad my thoughts about traveling.

Outside Living is my personal encouragement to push our boundries, leave the comfort zones we are living in and explore new exciting places that shine around us. The moment when we start believing we can go further, we can experience more, when we decide we actually CAN make our dreams come true, well… this is the time where we start living for real. And there is no better thing than feeling empowered by our successes in life. No better sensation than the one of feeling fearless in front of the world.

I am ready for this journey. I am taking it as my 2018’s chance of living what I really love and turning it to something I can be proud of.

I can’t wait to share all of this with you too ❤




11 thoughts on “Outside Living

  1. I can see myself through your thoughts. I simply loved everything you wrote! I hope you will be able to archive your goals in 2018 darling 🙂 PS: ma fav slogan is “life beginis at the end of your comfort zone!”. It looks like we have somehting in common ❤


  2. Hi there! First of all, have a Happy New Year’s Eve! You have made a very brave choice choosing to write in English, I’d love to do that too! Good luck with this new adventure, may 2018 be a very good year for us bloggers 😉

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